Zim Women Crowd-Fund to Build A Property Investment Portfolio


In February 2015, a group of enterprising mothers, professionals and entrepreneurial Zimbabwean women used social media to start their very own property investment company.

‘We met on various social media groups such as Divine Housewomen, LUK and Pahushamwari Hwedu and created a group on Facebook called ‘Crowd Funding by Women Investors Network’ and that is where we discussed our plans and were other women who want to be involved joined us. We had amazing support and on the 28th February 2015 had our first meeting. We had industry professionals such as property experts, who have been featured on Forbes.com and social enterprise cooperative leaders there, to educate us on how we could make this a success and had over 85 people in attendance, which was amazing!’ stated one of the committee members.


The ladies have since grown from a group of 300 to a group of over 800, the next meeting which is set for this coming Saturday 20th June 2015 in Birmingham, is said to be where the business plan will be presented and those in attendance given the chance to buy shares in the first property.

The committee members urge all Zim women to get involved in what is set to be a life changing opportunity, ‘if you are Zimbabwean or married to a Zimbabwean man, you are welcome to be a part of the company as a shareholder. We are still welcoming women into the group and we urge everyone who wants to be involved to make sure you are there this Saturday, some women even brought their kids at our last meeting, that’s how great this opportunity is, make sure you are there or have someone there to represent you if you can not make it!’

Date: 20th June 2015 Time: 12-6pm Address: Menzies Hotel 225 Hagley Road Birmingham B16 9RY

Price: £10 per person (includes free parking) Contact:07846106248 OR 07456447272 for payment details No payments will be taken at the door