iVision, News 24 Zimbabwe, Quence.Motion Announce Release of TV Program



iVision Media Pty LTD, News 24 Zimbabwe and Quence Motion have announced that they will be launching and releasing a Television program called Africa Digest which will run a show called The Relentless Probe.

The Relentless Probe on Africa Digest is a show that discusses, dissects, debates and comments on socio-political, economic, religious, moral, and cultural issues in Africa. The show which is scheduled to air once, weekly has an astute panel of philosophers, thinkers, analysts, commentators and members of civil society who will all weigh in with their views.

Africa Digest is an African show which will appeal to all segments of society. The expert panel consist of people from dramatically diverse cultures and backgrounds who will be able to share perspectives from their own personal world.

The Relentless Probe on Africa Digest will be hosted, presented and debated by an astute expert panel of

Thandiswa Bashe, a South African intellectual, beauty and social analyst.

– Maynard Manyowa, a Zimbabwean born political analyst & writer.

– Leroy Dzenga, a social commentator and media academic.

– Michael Mupotaringa, a social and online media guru, social commentator and blogger.

– Learnmore Zuze, New Zimbabwe’s religious and political writer

– Zisunko Ndlovu, a rural community development expert

Other featured hosts will include, and not be limited to News 24 Zimbabwe’s resident analyst Taku Mundenga, Immigration Maziwisa, Constantine Chimakure, and others to be announced.

The Relentless Probe will discuss, debate and dissect social, political, religious, moral and economic topics, current, past and future.

‪More to follow….