Bev Faces Arrest In SA


Pole dancer Beverly Sibanda face arrest in South Africa after she allegedly failed to turn up for shows booked for her.

Her promoter, Innocent Banda has vowed to take Bev to the ‘cleaners’.

The show was set for Majestic Bar in Johannesburg and Liberty Inn in Pretoria.

“We had agreed with Bev and her manager that we will do the shows and then we share the gate takings.

“Last minute they suddenly changed goal posts and were now demanding a deposit upfront of R3 500 which we had never agreed to,” Banda said.

“I will take them to the cleaners and she will pay for this. Fans came and I am glad they behaved and there was no violance”.

With Bev’s no-show, Banda claims to have lost over R17 000 on the show preparations.

According to H-Metro, a police report for Bev’s arrest has been filed at Pretoria Central Police station ‘and four detectives are going to Boskburg to pick her up’ Banda said.

On her part, Bev rubbished off the claims saying Banda is a bogus promoter saying “let the police come I will be here in Boksburg”.