Man Arrested For Sending Love Messages To Woman Twice His Age


A 27-year-old Mutare man invited trouble with the law when he persistently sent romantic messages to a 54-year-old Harare woman through his mobile phone, expressing his love for her.

According to New Zimbabwe, the unemployed Clever Mvududu of Mvududu village, Chief Zimunya in Mutare, appeared before Harare magistrate Elijah Makomo last week, charged with “causing annoyance, inconvenience and needless anxiety” to one Addlyn Kuziva Mutenha.

The court was told that Mvududu made “a series of calls” to the old woman pestering her to love him but all efforts fell flat when the woman said he did not love him and did not even know him.

But what broke the proverbial camel’s back was his text message he sent at 0045 hrs on 4 March this year which read, “U are beautiful like the full moon, pure like the glowing sun. I love you Adeline”.

The message incensed the woman who later reported the matter to the police leading to Mvududu being charged under Section 88 (c) of the Postal and Telecommunications Act; Chapter 12.05.

It later turned out Mvududu had gotten attracted to a woman he hardly knew through her seemingly young voice.

It further emerged he got to know of the woman’s names after faking an eco-cash transfer to the number.

The system asks one to enter details of the intended transfer before it reveals the name of the recipient just when it asks the sender to punch the ‘send’ option.

But as suggested by his name, Clever punched ‘cancel’ after helping himself to the identity of the subscriber.

Mvududu was however lucky to go free after Makomo ruled that there was no offence committed in proposing love to someone.

“If indeed proposing love to a woman would constitute an offence, how many men would be out of prison?” Makomo said in his ruling.

“The words complained of do not constitute an offence as envisaged in the provision charged.”

Makomo however advised the love mad youth to “next time take your lyrics to where they are wanted”.

Source:New Zimbabwe