Magaya Attacks Mapostori, AGAIN!


Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder Prophet Walter Magaya yesterday launched the second part of his criticism of Vapositori sects, challenging them to stop operations because they are allegedly using evil spirits from the marine world.

Addressing congregants during the launch of his booklet in Harare yesterday titled: “Marine Spirits, Part 2”, Prophet Magaya said he was not against Vapositori sects, but the spirit behind their powers.

He said his intention was not to attack anyone, but to reveal the secrets of the marine kingdom which had caused unnecessary despondency in people’s lives.

“Being a white garment sect follower means you are supernaturally empowered to fail,” he said.

“My intention is for all Vapositori operating with the powers of the marine to stop operating.

“If your gathering does not accept Jesus Christ and believes in marine resources like reeds, pebbles or if it uses traditional tools or it believes in totems it means it’s not a church, but a cult.”

The launch of the booklet comes after Prophet Magaya received scathing attacks following the launch of Part One of the booklet early this year.

In the Part One booklet titled “Marine Spirits, Mweya Yemumvura”, he claimed that the Apostolic sects’

powers were derived from spirits that reside in the “marine kingdom” and that they do not believe in the Bible.

He also claimed that Apostolic sect preachers had a tendency to threaten congregants with death.

ACCZ executive president Johannes Ndanga, then accused Prophet Magaya of launching “unrestrained and unprovoked attacks” against them and also accused him of being possessed by demons.

They also claimed that he had snakes in his anointing oil.

In the new booklet launched yesterday, Prophet Magaya names and explains all the tools used by the Vapositori and the reasons behind.

He explained why he thought the apostolic sects refer to one man as men (Madzibaba) and one woman as women (Madzimai).

“Everyone who worships in this white garment shrines is addressed to in the plural sense regardless of their age,” he said.

“They are very correct to advise you that way because the moment you become a follower, several spirits are drawn into your life.”

Prophet Magaya took time to defend the use of anointing oil, wrist bands and other tools, saying it was not about the spirit behind them.

“It’s not about what you are doing, but what matters the most is about the spirit you are using,” he said.

Source:The Herald