Zimbabwe Government Responds To Joice Mujuru Statement


Below is the full statement by Information Minister Jonathan Moyo on former Vice President Joice Mujuru:


Government’s attention has been drawn to an unsigned and undated media statement by Joice Mujuru which has been widely published by some sections of the Press which continue to generate secondary copy from it.

While in the statement  Mujuru describes her expulsion from Government as “controversial, non-procedural and unjustified” everybody knows that she was dismissed in  terms  of  the law and that she publicly acknowledged and accepted her dismissal.

In any event, if there was any substance or truth to her false claim of wrongful dismissal she would have by now approached the courts rather than  play media games.

If there’s anyone who still doubts the reason of Mujuru’s dismissal from Government or its justification, it is fortuitous that her statement provides the clearest indication thus far, which should put paid to the matter. On the ninth paragraph of her statement she writes that “my eventual expulsion was inevitable as my vision for  Zimbabwe was divergent from that of the  rest of the party leadership”.

It beggars belief that Mujuru has the nerve to claim that her dismissal was “controversial, non-procedural and unjustified” in the same statement in which she clearly declares that her expulsion was “inevitable” because her “vision for Zimbabwe was divergent from the rest of the Party leadership”.

Finally, it is notable that Mujuru’s divergent vision which led to her expulsion is imaginary with no grounding on any reality.

Her so-called vision has eleven points, including putting people first, all which are imagined. While Mujuru can imagine as many fantasies as she wants, the fact is that Zimbabweans have had enough of imaginary escapades from the likes of Morgan Tsvangirai whose ranks Mujuru is free to join at her own peril.

Prof JN Moyo

Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services

4 June 2015.