You Will Still Be Arrested – Jonathan Moyo Warns Joice Mujuru


The Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, Professor Jonathan Moyo has warned ousted former Vice President Joice Mujuru that she is not off the hook yet and could be arrested and prosecuted.

In a hard hitting statement to ZBC News on Thursday, Professor Moyo said even though no charges have been preferred on her six months after her expulsion from Zanu PF and the government, the wheels of justice move at their own pace.

Minister Moyo was reacting to a recent media statement in which Mujuru claimed that her dismissal was controversial, non procedural and unjustified.

“Aware of these and related treasonous allegations Mujuru boastfully but naively asks in her revealing statement why no charges have been preferred now six month after her expulsion.

“The answer is that the wheels of justice move at their own pace and both the arresting and prosecutorial authorities are constitutionally independent. Meanwhile, Mujuru is free to play with fire if she so wishes but mhosva haiwori (meaning a crime will never get forgotten),” Minister Moyo said.

Professor Moyo said it is common knowledge that Joice Mujuru was dismissed in terms of the law and she publicly acknowledged and accepted her dismissal in her recent media statement.

Professor Moyo notes that in her undated media statement, Mujuru says her expulsion from government was “inevitable because her vision for Zimbabwe was divergent from the rest of the party leadership.”

“By her own admission in her latest statement Mujuru confirms that she had become a rebel against the rest of the party leadership. This among other things means she had become disloyal to President Mugabe, the party and government.

“One can only imagine how she or anyone else could have expected her to remain in the party, let alone the government, when she had become a rebel in pursuit of her own competing vision,” said Professor Moyo.

The Minister says it was Mujuru’s rebellious pursuit of her divergent and competing vision against the President, Zanu PF, the government and the rest of the leadership that led Rugare Gumbo to threaten that President Mugabe would go “the Kabila way.”