Zaka Prophet Rises From The Dead


A Zaka prophet Madzibaba Farai shocked police after he rose from the dead after he was allegedly overpowered by goblins that he was trying to clear from a home in the same district.

His client had called in the cops after he thought Madzibaba Farai after Farai collapsed and remained motionless for hours.

Rupudzi Mavhene who had invited the prophet rushed and made a Police report.

Msvingo Mirror reported that the police went on a wild goose chase as Madzibaba Farai rose from the dead as the Police arrived at the homestead with a coffin to collect the body.

The incident happened at Zivavose Village under Chief Ndanga in Zaka.

Paul Chimedza who is Chief Ndanga confirmed the incident and said Mavhene rushed to make a police report at Ndanga Base and Police brought in a coffin only for Madzibaba to gain his consciousness before he was ferried to mortuary.
“The Mavhene family wanted to remove the object which they thought was a goblin so they hired the prophet from Bvukururu. The cleansing started at the garden before the prophet who was now in spirits on top of a kitchen, caught a mouse and fell on the ground.

He was demanding blood and he hurriedly killed two hens sucking blood from their necks