Woman Kills Witchcraft Crocodile, Gets Slapped By Unknown Thing While Sleeping Every Night


A Hwange woman – Botshiwe Ncube is having sleepless nights after she took part in killing a crocodile linked to witchcraft as she is constantly being clapped by an unknown being.

The 26 year old Ncube is from Makwa community in Hwange.

On the day in question, she was return to her homestead from an irrigation when she spotted along the footpath she was using.

“I was shocked to see a medium sized crocodile lying on the foot path.

“Unsure whether it was alive or dead I threw a few stones at it but it remained still unto I screamed in order to awaken it.

“When I threw a larger stone it suddenly stood on its legs before lurching forward and stopped in mid-flight in an effort to scare me. Frightened I ran back to irrigation calling for help,” said Ncube.

The villagers managed to subdue to reptile killing it with stones.

However, that was the beginning of her troubles.
“That very night she said she struggled with an unknown being in her sleep before it slapped her awake leaving her with a swollen head and back ache.

After some days of agony, a traditional healer was consisted and linked the crocodile to witchcraft. – See more at: http://bulawayo24.com/index-id-news-sc-regional-byo-68521.html#sthash.uPyr9d7R.dpuf