Soul Jah Luv & Wife Bounty Lisa Divorce


Errant Zim Dancehall problem child Soul Jah Love has separated from his wife, Bounty Lisa, a talented chanter in her own right.

Details about what led to the two to split are still sketchy but sources said the two had a series of misunderstanding and Bounty Lisa is now back at her parents’ home.

It is understood that Bounty Lisa could not take it any more as their plans always got wasted along the way.

She opened up to music promoter and businessman Esau Mupfumi on Wednesday afternoon seeking for pacification of their relationship.

Ndakanetsana naSoul, ndakadzokera kumba kwedu. Ndakashaya munhu wekuudza nyaya dzacho kuti tigadzirisane nekuti Soul haana munhu waanoterera( I had a fight with Soul, and I am now back at my parents’ place. I had no one to speak to about the issue because Soul does not listen to anyone),” wrote Bounty Lisa to Mupfumi as she sought mediation.

Bounty Lisa on Wednesday revealed to the reporter that all was NOT well and had moved out, though she refused to she more light.

“Let Soul tell you what happened. I am at our place and I do not know where he is,” said Bounty.

She said she was not prepared to meet Soul Jah Love when pressed for a meeting with reporters.

“Talk to him(Soul Jah Love), I don’t want to meet him. I am not at all prepared to meet him, tell me what you have deliberated when you see him,” she said.

When contacted for comment, the person who answered Soul Jah Loves phone said he did not know Soul Jah Love before hanging the phone.

The phone became unreachable after the that. “I do not know Soul Jah Love, my name is Thomas,” he said.

Soul Jah Love is always hogging the limelight for the wrong reasons, fighting other chanters, not showing up for shows, soiling his pants in public, incessant fights with his managers, not to forget the nasty incident in which he ran amok and chased fans with a knobkerrie in Mutare.

Word is that Prophet Makandiwa once prophesied that the young man’s fame would come to naught. This is sad given how the chanter had a troubled childhood. And what is even sadder is that he started out with  Bounty back when he had nothing and was sleeping on the floor in Mbare.