BREAKING! Baba Jukwa Set Free: All Charges Dropped!


Sunday Mail editor, Edmund Kudzayi, whom Zimbabwean authorities had claimed was behind the Facebook character, Baba Jukwa, has been set free after the state yesterday withdrew charges before plea.

The state through Prosecutor General’s office and also Senior Public Prosecutor, Tawanda Zvekare withdrew the charges saying it was still investigating the case and would proceed by way of summons. According to police investigations, Kudzayi, acting in connivance with Phillip, together with other unnamed suspects, allegedly created a Gmail account called using an Econet line number 0771 446 541 registered in Phillip’s name.

The State further alleged Kudzayi planned and organised with some of his colleagues calling themselves, The Gunda Nleya Brigade and Zimbabwe Revolutionary Army, to overthrow the government “through waging a war” and urged people to join the “Zimbabwe Revolutionary Army”.

Pursuant to their plans, it is alleged, Kudzayi posted articles on the Baba Jukwa Facebook page which reportedly encouraged rebellion against the government if the July 31 general election “were stolen”.

The State also alleges that on August 7 2008 Kudzayi wrote and published an article in the Zimbabwe Mail online publication attacking the President of Zimbabwe, Robert Gabriel Mugabe.
In the said article according to the State, Kudzayi went on to “falsely label the President a dictator who commits gross human rights abuses” and further accusing him of having stolen the 2008 elections and that he had been presiding over an economic collapse.

He further allegedly labelled Mugabe “a tyrant” and accused him of taking the land from the white farmers and giving it to his cronies. –