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Takudzwanashe Mundenga : The devoted critic from Zvishavane


by Leroy Tafadzwa Dzenga


On the fourteenth of April 1989, a baby boy churned out a cry in the corridors of Bikita District Hospital .The Mundenga family named him Takudzwanashe, which can  be translated into the Victorian dialect as The Lord has honored us ,indeed the Lord honored us with this vibrant intellectual whose analytical abilities and immaculate usage of the English language inspired his peers to call him “Prof” which is the colloquial of the title Professor.


The former Shabanie Mine Primary and Zvishavane High student ,Mundenga did not limit his mind to the horizons of the small mining town of Zvishavane which he grew up in. Due to his unimposing physical stature, I doubt if many people who saw him in his early years predicted that he would co-author a book in his life,let alone a fierce analysis of the newly effected constitution and its impacts on democracy. Fortunately our physicality does not predict our aptitude ,recently Mundenga co-authored a book titled The Post 1980 Chimurengas Explained .


In the abovementioned book ,Mundenga contributed a Chapter titled The COPAC and The Road To Democracy In Zimbabwe:  Annother Miscarriage of Constitutionalism where he critically analyzed the way that the 2013 Constitution was put together as well as its implications on the livelihood of the average Zimbabwean citizen. This Chapter has been getting rare reviews from political analysts and to think that he wrote the Chapter in his second University year is inspiring to say the least.

Prior to this book Mundenga was no stranger to local political discourse as he already contributes to the mainstream media through his weekly column on called Under The Analytic Microscope where he tackles different socio-political hardships that the general populace encounters on a day to day basis. Some of his literary work can be found on including poetry and fiction stories.


A proven leader ,Mundenga has been playing a central role in a number of organizations. In 2009 ,he was elected the Chairman of Kingdom Youth On a Mission which he held for four years. At Midlands State University he was the Executive Secretary of the Zimbabwe United Students Association(ZIMUSA). Momentarily he is the Communications Assistant for Zimbabwe China Youth Forum.


He is a devoted Christian who subscribes to the religious philosophy he termed “kneework”.This according to him is a method of personal enhancement through intense prayer and Biblical enquiries . A trait which seperates him from typical political articulators who resort to hate speech and obscenities while debating .Mundenga`s argument shows a Christian imprint and are based on facts more than anything else.


Mundenga draws his inspiratiom froma list of successful men who havemade great strides in their respective lines of work. These include Telecommunications mogul Dr Strive Masiiwa ,Vibrant opinionist Kuda Maynard Manyowa ,Youth Empowerment Advocate Brian Mudumi as well as the radical Pan-African writings of the late Dambudzo Marechera.


He dreams to start a group of companies called Mundenga Group of Companies with an aim of creating employment for the struggling youth of Zimbabwe.

He is a very sociable individual who believes people build better through relentless interaction and dialogue.He can be contacted on his email: ,via his twitter @mundenga or Takudzwanashe Mundenga on Facebook.