‘He Watched P0RN With My WIFE!’


A Harare man whose mouth is in the habit of running away from him landed himself in the dock after hurling obscenities at a man he accused of watching P0rn clips with his wife at their house.

Shingai Gwaka,of House No. 6201 Hatcliffe Extension, appeared at the Harare Magistrates Court facing two counts of criminal insults.

He was being accused of bombarding Ben Tafadzwa Jambo and his wife Tafadzwa Zhento with insults. But Gwaka denied the charges when he appeared before Magistrate Nomsa Sabarauta who remanded him out of custody on US$20.

The self-employed man told the court that he exchanged harsh words with Jambo and his wife after he found them watching a blue movie. “I deny the charges. We exchanged harsh words after I found them watching p0rn0 with my wife,” he said.

However The State led by Shambadzeni Fungura had another version of circumstances leading to his arrest.

Prosecutor Fungura had it that on May 17, Jambo and his wife demanded their debt from Gwaka. It appears Gwaka did not like the reminder and started shouting at the couple.

Jambo and his wife went to lodge a complaint with the Police leading to Gwaka’s arrest.

Gwaka returns to court on May 21.