Chitungwiza Teen STABS Mum Fatally, BURNS Her!


A psychiatrist has certified a 17-year-old Chitungwiza girl, who allegedly stabbed her mother to death with a knife before setting the corpse alight mentally unstable at the time she committed the offence.

The court heard that on the day of the murder, the two quarreled over a $100 bill that led to the mother beating up her daughter.

After the beating, the now deceased tasked the girl to do laundry and lashed her afterwards.

That angered the teenager who allegedly picked a kitchen knife and stabbed her mother several times on the chest, neck and hands.

The girl’s younger brother, who was at the house, did not witness the incident.

The court heard the younger brother retired to bed without noticing anything.

The following day, the girl allegedly lied to her brother that their mother had left her phone and that he was supposed to take it into town.

The girl then called her friend and informed her about the incident.

In order to cover up for the offence, the girl reportedly doused the corpse with paraffin, set the gas off and lit it.

According to prosecutor Washington Munyoro, the teenager’s friend assisted the police leading to the recovery of the items that were used in the commission of the crime.