ZBC Told To Scrap Listeners' Licences


THE Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation must scrap listeners’ licences which bring $5,7 million per annum and replace them with subscription fees that could generate up to $15 million annually, a forensic audit carried out on the firm has proposed.

According to the Chronicle, the audit was carried out by KPMG Chartered Accountants to establish what transpired and what could be done to improve the operations of the ZBC following allegations corruption of against its board and top management.

The audit report indicated top management at the ZBC prejudiced the corporation of nearly $25 million through salaries and inflated allowances.

The ZBC board, led by Cuthbert Dube, has since been replaced, while top managers have been suspended, with some officials in court over mismanagement of the public broadcaster’s funds.

The KPGM forensic audit report was presented to Parliament by Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo on Monday.

The report said as part of restructuring, the ZBC licensing department should be abolished. It said a technical operator, preferably Transmedia, should take over management of the spectrum on behalf of the government while broadcasters compete on content.

KPMG also said the revenues for ZBC were likely to increase significantly with the abolishment of licences.