“Grace Mugabe The Next President of Zimbabwe” – Minister Jonathan Moyo Speaks


There is nothing preventing Grace Mugabe from becoming the future President of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe’s Information Minister Jonathan Moyo has said while dismissing reports that Emmerson Mnangagwa will replace Mugabe.

All that Grace needs is the will of the people, Professor Moyo hinted while adding that Mnangagwa is a mere pawn put in place by Mugabe to temporarily assist him in running the country alongside his colleague, Phelekezela Mphoko.

Speaking to the BBC’s Hard Talk presenter Stephen Sackur, Moyo said as long as it is the will of the people, Grace can become Zimbabwe’s future President.

When asked the question, “is Grace Mugabe in your view …a future potential leader of this country?,” Moyo replied saying, “first of all it’s a fact that she is a leader today not in future. The position of Secretary for Women’s League or Affairs is a leadership position in the ruling party and a senior position. But if you are asking me is she a future President as such a thing, then you must know that it is always the people who decide about that,” said Moyo.

On Mnangagwa’s possibility of becoming President, Moyo viciously dismissed the proposition saying, “you can ask those who see him(Mnangagwa) that way. Mnangagwa is an appointed Vice President. The President did not appoint him so that he can succeed him. He appointed him so that he could assist him to implement the policy programs of government.”