Zhuwao Applauded For Disgracing Chiyangwa Over Mugabe Relations


Some social commentators have hailed Patrick Zhuwao for exposing that Philip Chiyangwa who has all along been known as the nephew of President Mugabe was in fact not related to the head of state and government.

Alex Ngwena said Patrick Zhuwawo, must Be Applauded for rebuking Chiyangwa.

“This is the first time Chiyangwa has been Sharply Rebuked and the Record set Straight,” said Ngwena.

“What Chiyangwa managed to do while Impressing the Journalist was to soil the name of Mugabe and the government of Zimbabwe. What he effectively said to INVESTORS was: Investors, stay away from Zimbabwe. There is no rule of law in Zimbabwe. That there is no Security in Zimbabwe. That, as long you are connected to the President, you can be as Corrupt as Your Heart can take, and Nobody is gonna prosecute you.”

He said so Chiyangwa must be ARRESTED to Show the World Zimbabwe is a country governed by laws.

“There are no 2 ways around this. Leaders must lead by Example. Or leaders must be used as an Example,” he said.