Mugabe Speaks On Grace Mugabe's "Miracle" PhD Degree


A few months after she was laced with a flowery PhD certificate from the ZANU PF controlled University of Zimbabwe, her husband Robert Mugabe has revealed in his own words how Grace Mugabe obtained the miracle PhD completed in less than three months of registration.

In a long speech recorded on impeccable video footage, Mugabe reveals how Grace obtained her miracle PhD. He also reveals the person behind the certificate – Grace’s research supervisor, a ZANU PF veteran who is a member of the N’anga Medical Practitioners Council, Claud Mararike.

As Zimbabweans will now turn to Mararike to demand a disclosure of the hidden research document that the UZ has failed to produce, Mugabe in the video, defends his wife at a rushed ceremony to celebrate her ascendancy to academic fame.

Mugabe praised Mararike for supervising his wife saying Mararike is the man behind it all who made us to gather here.

“To those who brought us here the man behind it all who made us meet here having stuck to my wife supervising and instructing her saying, “just do it, you can finish it. Dr (Claude) Mararike and his wife…”

“When he told me that he had been told she has passed, I said to him you are the one who is telling me, I want to hear it directly from her. It was when Sir Nyagura himself sent in the certificate that is when I celebrated saying wow, now we have a doctor of knowledge in the house,” Mugabe adds.
Mugabe also says Grace Mugabe wrote examinations for her to succeed so she could attain the PhD certificate.

“I want to thank you very much for your coming. When I heard that she had succeeded in her examinations, I said to them, well why don’t we just celebrate in private at home. But the thought was raised by the children who said why don’t we celebrate this success which is the entire nation’s,” he says

Mugabe has been attacked for allowing his wife to fraudulently acquire a PhD certificate from the University of Zimbabwe. But speaking in his defence, the Head of State said, “Many will want to assume that she obtained a PhD all because she is the President’s wife, so the examiners were intimidated, but no, I know how it all works [mviro-mviro dzacho], this degree is never given one unless they have another one (Masters),” said Mugabe.

“When she wanted to attain a Chinese degree, saying there are some lecturers in Chinese who can help me, I said to her no, how could you ever manage such a language which some of us failed? She replied saying, ‘I can do it’,” says Mugabe.

He says she received private lessons from a Chinese professor from some institute he calls by name, “Confusious.”

He adds: “So Professor Mur, would come every morning teaching her year after year until after three years when she decided to write the examination. She then asked to fly to China so to receive her first degree in Chinese.”

Mugabe says he allowed her to fly to China where her first husband lives having been ‘banished’ there through an official appointment at the government’s ambassadorial outpost.

Who is Mararike?

Professor Claude Gumbucha Mararike is a lecturer in rural development, indigenous knowledge and the Sociology of Mass communication in the Department of Sociology at the University of Zimbabwe. Mararike is also a veteran of the liberation struggle under Mugabe’s ZANU PF party who the State Media says once headed the Traditional Medical Practitioners Council between 2004-5.

He only obtained a degree under the ZANU PF regime during the Gukurahundi years having worked as Mugabe’s publicist from 1980 at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation when he used to give private, personal media coverage for Mugabe flying across the world with him.