'Mugabe Has Never Done Wrong In His life'


Zanu-PF Senators on Tuesday took their bootlicking of President Robert Mugabe to new heights as they claimed that Mugabe has never made a single mistake in his leadership.

Congratulating Mugabe on his appointment as African Union (AU) chairperson on Wednesday in Parliament, senators took the bootlicking frenzy a gear up.

Beitbridge Senator Thambudzani Mohadi led the pack saying the veteran leader has no blemish in his rule.

She began saying “I would also want to add my voice to congratulate the President for being elected to be the Chairman of SADC as well as the Chairman of African Union.

It was not by default and it was not by mistake at all but it was due to his visionary leadership that they chose him because he has been standing firm ever since and he has never made a mistake in his leadership,”

The he went a gear up : “He has led us through this country for the rest of his life without looking or going astray.

“He is a visionary leader and we thank him for that. We congratulate him for that. We will always cherish his good deeds that he has led by example,”.

“We can get lost on our own but as for him, he has stood by our side. He is a man of the people. “People first” is his slogan whenever he addresses a meeting or talks to anyone,” she added.

Not to be outdone Senator Manyeruke said Mugabe was ‘a visionary, a man who can see the future and is prepared to lead the continent’.