My New Merc is Now Too Common, Says Dejected Wicknell Chivayo


Mega rich youth and socialite Wicknell Chivayo says he is already bored of the new Mercedes he took delivery some months back.

We love this guy’s quaint and twisted sense of humour.

He posted :”I’m on the phone with the local Mercedes Benz dealer ZIMOCO. I’m still trying to have my morning cereal but this salesman won’t finish talking. He’s telling me about the all new S600 Maybach going for 420 thousand dollars. Besides the fact that this S400 I have is now annoying me because it has become so common and also now has very high mileage almost 20 000 km. I must admit he’s quite a good salesman. I’m sure he didn’t just do one of these long distance learning marketing diplomas or degrees that you all have. He tells me it will be the first in Africa and on their database Mercedes Benz America just supplied Mayweather a black one last month. That honestly caught my attention but I told him to be patient as much as the price is very reasonable and affordable I can’t just spend close to half a million dollars on another car without consulting the most important person in my life taking into consideration that this other new white one which will be personalised ST JOHN is on its way. I told him first week of June when I come back from Beijing all things being equal I should place an order for a white one with cream leather….Ini ndinofara kana ndichitaura zvichaitika.”