Kalangas Stage Massive Demo in Byo Over Mugabe’s Comments That They Are Thieves!


HUNDREDS of Bulawayo residents today staged a protest march in the city demanded an immediate apology from President Robert Mugabe over his condemned Kalanga remarks.

Under the auspices of Bulawayo Agenda, the demonstrators delivered a petition at the Metropolitan Minister Eunice Sandi- Moyo offices.

According to Bulawayo24, the Police did not interrupt the processions

Bulawayo Agenda director Mmeli Dube said ‘We marched today and we will not stop until all our demands are met.’

“A petition was handed over at the offices of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission.

“The petition demands an apology from the President (Mugabe ) and that the Human Rights Commission investigate conduct of the President.

The demo
The demo
“A copy of the same petition was also handed over to Eunice Moyo at Mhlahlandlela Government Complex

“The people of Bulawayo were demanding an apology from the President for the rude remarks he made. The demonstration triumphed today and the Police did not disrupt the orderly rally,”

President Mugabe torched a storm when he attacked the Kalanga at a SADC press conference, he said the Kalangas were “really notorious” for engaging in petty crimes in neighbouring South Africa.

Mugabe said Kalangas resorted to crime because they were not educated.

Interestingly Jonathan Moyo, Simon Khaya Moyo are said to have Kalanga origins as well as the late Father Zimbabwe Joshua Nkomo.

Asked to comment on the President’s controversial utterances, Simon Khaya Moyo chickened out saying he was not qualified to question his Boss. He frankly told a New Zimbabwe reporter, “Honestly, do you expect me to respond to that? You are not serious my brother. I will not even attempt to talk about that. He is the president of my party and I can’t respond to his statement.

“I have no word to respond. Please don’t try to push me to respond to that I will not. He is my boss and I will not question why he said so or whether he meant it or not,” he said before hanging his phone.