Zimpapers Accused of Avoiding To Report On Mugabe's Kalanga Remarks


The Zimpapers stable of the Herald and Chronicle Newspapers has been accused of avoiding the tribal remarks made by President Robert Mugabe when he said Kalangas were uneducated criminals who go to South Africa where they are committing numerous crimes.

Journalist and political commentator Methuseli Moyo through his Facebook page said so the Chronicle Zimbabwe and most likely its sister the Herald decided (or were ordered) to omit Presidenmt Robert Mugabe’s remarks that Kalangas from Zimbabwe are uneducated petty criminals in South Africa.

“So bad were effects of Mugabe’s comments that even the Zanu PF government’s own press realized that their master’s speech was in bad taste,” he said.

“It is clear that Mugabe is not normal, he is not himself. He needs help from God. God himself. How can a President say such painful words about his own people? How come Mugabe has never insulted his tribe? It is the Jews, Ndebeles, Kalangas, whites, Nigerians, MaNyasaranda, Jamaicans, and others.”

He said at his age, one would expect Mugabe to look back, reflect and repent and find peace with his conscience and the people he has hurt so much.

“Mugabe’s behaviour makes it very difficult for Zimbabweans to find each other, and to be accepted by other nations. Last week he pointed a finger at Zulus,” said Moyo. “So the people of Tsholotsho are expected to vote for a party whose president calls them uneducated petty criminals and habitual border jumpers?”

He said If ever the Kalanga people, and the rest of the Mthwakazi nation had any pride left in them, this would be the moment to show it. “Who is stealing at Chiadzwa, NRZ, Air Zim, ZBC, and other parastatals and state enterprises? Is it the Kalangas?,” asked Moyo.

Devine Dube said it is disheartening that one head of State has the guts to lambast people for migrating to neighbouring South Africa yet it is common knowledge that successive governments under the ZANU PF adminstration have failed the people since 1980.

Addressing journalists yesterday, Mugabe said the Kalanga people are an uneducated lot who go to South Africa to work in farms. “…Why do this? Come back home…” Mugabe was aired speaking on State broadcaster ZBCtv.

Nthabiseng Busi Dube said Mugabe should do his research properly because mostly the farms especially in Limpopo province are Shona populated, and as well as in Gauteng and Capetown,it is shonas who stay on the streets hence commit lots of crimes including robbing us.

Khanyile Mlotshwa said, “I find the way our leaders, both in Zimbabwe and South Africa, are framing the whole migration and immigration issue very problematic. Everyone is now labeling immigration as problematic and immigrants as a problem. And in the process, the real issues are being overlooked.”