What Did Sadc And AU See in President Mugabe – MLO


The Mthwakazi Liberation Organisation (MLO) has questioned the Sadc and African Union over what they saw on President Robert Mugabe to elect him as the leader of both blocs yet he is failing to lead his own country.

MLO spokesperson Israel Dube said what do African leaders see in Mugabe to put him in charge of African organisations like SADC and AU ?

“We note with sadness that those organisations and media houses who refuse to expose Mugabe’ s genocide he carried out in Matebeleland are condoning crimes against humanity,” said Dube. “His long time friend the late Enos Nkala had this observation aboutt Mugabe “You people look at his polished English and eloquence, you don’t look at his administrative ability, he does not possess that,”

Nkala reportedly said this in an interview which was carried out by private press and Voice of America Studio 7.

“This is not far from the truth. He is the President of a genocidal ,divided and broken party, President of a nation divided on tribal and racial basis, President of a country that does not have its own currency, President of a country that is drowning in debt.We hope African leaders are not mislead by his polished English and eloquence, other than that he is a noisy empty vessel, devoid of leadership qualities,” Dube said.

He said as the beast called Xenophobia wrecks havoc in South Africa and anti- immigrant sentiments grow in Europe and elsewhere , MLO believes that it is stateless nationals like matebeles and other African brothers who are oppressed and disenfranchised who will find themselves as genuine asylum seekers in South Africa and elsewhere seeking refuge.

“MLO challenges the African leaders to address the issue of flawed decolonisation processes which have left some nations like matabeles stateless and exposed to gross human rights abuses, xenophobia and genocide,” said Dube. “We strongly believe that may be the best solution to prevent an influx of foreigners to neighbouring countries and Europe and Australiasia.”

Dube said a big mistake and a very bad decision people have made, which must be corrected by all as soon as possible, is that of trying to run away from political challenges, ignoring or avoiding Matabeleland independence clarion calls and pretending to be Zimbabweans and hoping some Zimbabwean leader would rescue them from Zimbabwean oppression and xenophobia.

“Some are planting their hopes in the death of President Robert Mugabe as a panacea to our oppression and ndebelephobia,” he said.

“Some are even thinking the 2018 elections will make a difference yet we all know that nothing will change but chaos and civil strife assured. No Zimbabwean leader shall deliver matebeles from oppression and xenophobia not even the death of President Robert Mugabe can deliver us from Zimbabwean oppression.This leaves our country (The Republic of Matabeleland) controlled by our enemies who’s interests are to dominate and loot everything from us, force us into exile and expose us to xenophobia and humiliation.”