'My Wife, Children Want Me Dead'

AN Umguza man last week claimed in court that his wife and children wanted him dead after his wife went to court to seek a protection order. Samson Phiri (44), told Ms Evelyn Mashavakure that his family failed in their first attempt to kill him by poisoning his food.

“Your Worship, this other child of mine poisoned me but I managed to vomit the poison after drinking milk. I almost died but it’s a good thing it didn’t happen,” he said.

He further said that his wife, Alice (40), and their children were already fighting for his property while he is still alive.

“My wife says I abuse her by assaulting her and insulting her but that is not true. She is hiding behind this: the truth is they are after my cattle. She and the children are already fighting over my cattle,” he said.

However, Alice told the court that she was seeking a protection order because Samson was abusive.

“Your Worship, on March 24, my husband physically attacked me. He missed me with a knobkerrie and I reported the matter to the police. When the police arrested him, he denied all that,” she said.

“He insults me in front of the children and the employees, saying I am a witch and a prostitute. He always threatens to kill me.”

Samson denied the allegations and told the court that he never insulted his wife, adding that he was the one who was attacked by the children who threw stones at him.

Ms Mashavakure granted the protection order and ordered them to keep peace between each other.