Chronicle Intern 'Sacked' After Embarrassing Jonathan Moyo On Twitter

An intern with Bulawayo based state controlled Chronicle Oswell Moyo has reportedly run into trouble after being relieved for challenging Information minister Jonathan Moyo on twitter.

Oswell Moyo is a third year student with the National University of Science and Technology (NUST).

Sources close to Moyo and Chronicle said Oswell challenged Moyo on the controversial unemployment figures in Zimbabwe.

Oswell directly told Minister Moyo not to be reactive to the issue.

Veteran journalist Brezhnev Malaba had posted asking “Is there a country where 90% of the citizens are street vendors? This must be a Guinness record of sorts. #NormalisingTheAbnormal.”

Jonathan Moyo responded saying “@BrezhnevMalaba 90%. The assertion cannot be true simply because you have asserted it!”.

That was when young Oswell jumped in using his handler @ozymoyo.

He said “@ProfJNMoyo @BrezhnevMalaba its not about accurate figures nor what the point is that a majority of graduates are street vendors”

Jonathan Moyo said “@ozymoyo @BrezhnevMalaba but if you are going to throw figures around, then let them be accurate for your point to be sustainable.”

Then Oswell said “@ProfJNMoyo @BrezhnevMalaba ya but lets not be reactive but we need proactive policies which will endorse 2 mill jobs promised,”.

Sources said Oswell has left the Chronicle after telling his editors not to defend minister Moyo as he was merely expressing his opinion.

“Although he was not out rightly sacked, he was told that there was no need for him to confront Moyo who is their boss. However, young Oswell accused his former bosses of defending Moyo. He has since left the paper,” said his college mate