Analysts Dares Mugabe To Deny Things Are Falling Apart in His Party


Political and social commentators have dared President Robert Mugabe to deny that things are falling apart in his ruling Zanu-PF considering the fact that of late him and finance minister issued differing statements over the civil servants bonuses.

Black Sibasa said, “As the world and people of Zimbabwe have always said that President Robert Mugabe is a dictator who single handedly ruined the Country , today we are told by his former close confidante that Cabinet is just a symbol with no say in running the Country. Dydimus Mutasa in his interview yesterday revealed that as the Speaker of Parliament during Gukurahundi he knew nothing as a senior since they were all not told about Gukurahundi plans. It was Mugabe who drove that vehicle.”

He said Mutasa  further revealed that President Mugabe does not consult respective Ministries on major decisions he just do as he wishes.

“The good example is the Independence day embarassment he subjected Chinamasa to on civil servants bonuses,” said Sibasa.  “It was clear that his ministers do not have control over their Ministeries.Does he real know the functions of the Treasury? His decision to reverse the decision to cut bonuses without consulting the Ministry of Finance has already curtailed the on-going loan negotiations with the IMF.”

Sibasa said the IMF had negotiated on the premise that the finance Ministry cut government spending in to qualify.

“So no money from IMF and the Country goes to the dogs because of a dictator,” said Sibasa. “Zimbabwe has always had a big sellout – dictator that led us to political and economic disaster. I am glad that his former confidantes are now coming out.”

Davison Mazhandu said since when did Mutasa start to work for IMF to know all this?

“Sadly for him; their plan to use Civil servants bonus issue to decampaign ZANU-PF and President Mugabe flopped dismally,” said Mazhandu.

But Sibasa said the point here is the exposure of how Mugabe and his ministers operate.

“It is clear Mugabe dictate terms without understang the realities. It is an open secret that austerity measures are a condition by IMF so Mutasa does not have to work there to know. Above all Mutasa has top friends in Cabinet,” he said.