Wife Snatcher Put In Sack, Thrown Into River


AN irate Somabhula man on the outskirts Gweru teamed up with a friend and assaulted a man who was dating his wife and shoved him a sack before tossing it into a river.

Leon Sibanda aged 27 and his friends Ndava Moyo and Maxen Noyo on February went to Ndlovu’s homestead and accused him of sleeping with Sibanda’s wife – Nyarai Chigayo.

According to B-Metro, while at the homestead Ndava handcuffed Ndlovu while Moyo and Sibanda where busy assaulting him with logs all over the body.

They also kicked him on his private parts and took $69 from him.

One of the accused is said to have shoved Ndlovu in a sack and threw him into a river.

The torture did not stop there.

The trio later pulled him out of the river, tied him on a tree the whole night only to free him in the morning.

The court heard that, in the morning Sibanda urinated on Ndlovu before dragging him to the police station.

The paper said the trio reported to the police that Ndlovu had spelt with Sibanda’s wife.

But tables turned against the trio as they were immediately arrested after police spotted injuries on Ndlovu’s body.

His private parts were swollen.

They were slapped with a 7 month jail term.