Unlicensed Kombi Driver Kills Pedestrian


A HARARE kombi driver, who hit and killed a pedestrian while veering through a traffic jam, has appeared before Harare magistrate, Tendai Mahwe, facing culpable homicide.

The court heard the kombi did not even have passengers on board at the time of the fatal crash.

Thozamile Masore, 22, is facing another charge of driving a public transport without a driver’s licence.

Masore who was arrested on April 12 pleaded guilty to both offences which resulted in the death of Clarisa Gondo when he appeared in court on Thursday.

The magistrate remanded him in custody to 21 April for sentencing as his bail application was turned down.

“Culpable homicide committed by someone not allowed to drive public transport is a serious offence alone before we even talk about having a licence,” said the magistrate.

The court heard that there were no passengers on board the kombi when the tragedy occurred.

Masore, who was driving a Toyota Caravan, drove carelessly as he tried to show expertise in a beating traffic jam along Rotten Row Road.

He failed to pay attention to his rear view mirror or looking out for pedestrian and consequently hit Gondo, who died on the spot.

Prosecutor Sebastin Mutizirwa, said the state was strongly opposed to the bail application as his careless actions led to the death of a human being.

He said the fact that Masore was under the age where one is allowed to drive public transport and was also unlicensed weighed against him being granted bail.

Mutizirwa also said Masore was likely to abscond if granted bail, considering his age and behaviour.