Mutasa Running Scared

Public appeals by former ZANU PF Secretary for Administration, Didymus Mutasa, for demonstrations are nothing but pathetic confessions of a greedy individual addicted to power regardless of the wealth he amassed through unorthodox means.

If Mutasa’s statement to the DailyNews was meant to draw sympathy from Zimbabweans, then surely he is not in touch with reality. Indeed when one is so detached from the general populace they develop a tendency of assuming people are empty vessels which one can fill with any hogwash.

The best thing Mutasa could have done is to remain quite than foolishly utter nonsense as justification of his silence when he was still in ZANU PF. Mutasa was ZANU PF and is still part of the revolutionary party in his nature and spirit. The braying and void statements are typical of an individual who has tasted sour grapes.

“I can now complain because l could not complain in the past since l was part of the system. There was a time in the 1990s when I complained about ESAP and l was kicked out. So I could not risk that again by raising sensitive topics” said Mutasa justifying why he is criticizing President Mugabe’s policies now.

Honestly what is this man implying? He could not risk being kicked out again from the system he is criticising now. Like l alluded before, Mutasa is deeply ZANU PF and he knows no other life outside it. It is a torrid task of living alone in the cold which is haunting him to the extent of trying to confide and relate to the MDC and other opposing political parties.

Mutasa contributed a comedy flare to the ZANU PF purges when he humiliated himself by trying to contest the Headlands by-elections as a ZANU PF candidate claiming to be the people’s choice despite having been chucked. His bid was unceremoniously dismissed; a move which confirmed no individual is bigger than ZANU PF.

The bottom line is, the ousted secretary for administration is running scared. He is on a crusade making unfounded claims of possessing a data base of ZANU PF secrets. On the contrary it is only his evil schemes that are creeping daily from his closet exposing the ills that defines his true person. Thus this entire hullabaloo is indexical of the world crumbling on him and a desperate search for companions.
It is under such shameful unfolding of events that Mutasa dares to say it is President Mugabe who is running scared despite maintaining a facade of bravado and resoluteness in public.

Mr Mutasa, you may know the President on a much more personal note, but this time around you cannot fool anyone to fight your wars by calling for demonstrations. Nothing is in your name as far as development is concerned. Thanks for confirming you were not brave enough to echo what you believed to be the truth and not risking facing the boot. You are just but one of those bootlicking boys, concerned about personal ambitions.

Evidently the man hasn’t come to terms with the abrupt end of his days in ZANU PF, and is scared to face his victims alone. It is unfortunate Mutasa, never tires from looting and spending the spoils with his concubines. The opposition formations may political resurrect the man at their own peril.