Mujuru And Company Are a Bunch Of Misguided Politicians

The Mujuru cabal does not cease to amaze the nation by its failure to read between the lines that its political career is now nearing extinction. Maybe its recent ranting in the private media issuing a number of statements are meant to make the public realize that the cabal is still around but unfortunately for the Mujuru cabal, they are failing to realize that they are exposing themselves as empty vessels who have lost direction.Rugare Gumbo’s statement that the Mujuru cabal is sorry for helping President Robert Mugabe misrule Zimbabwe is just an empty statement meant to seek political relevance since his dismissal from the revolutionary party late last year. Rugare Gumbo who has of late taken over from Didymus Mutasa, as the spokesperson of the Mujuru cabal has openly revealed his intellectual bankruptcy by trying to lure other misguided elements  in the opposition politics like the MDCs through such irrational statements.

The Mujuru cabal is now clueless and one can see that from whatever they have been churning out to the private media as a way of seeking political relevance.It was clear from the onset that this cabal has no idea how to survive outside ZANU PF. While people were still analyzing statement by the cabal leader, former Vice President Joyce Mujuru that noone can dismiss her from ZANU PF, Rugare Gumbo and Didymus Mutasa chipped in with their statements which were devoid of any meaning.

Didymus Mutasa stunned everyone when he claimed that his failure to have his papers accepted as ZANU PF candidate for Headlands was much to do with ZANU PF which was directing the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) on how that Commission could operate. Mutasa claimed that ZEC was always under the directorship of ZANU PF hence his failure to be accepted as a forthcoming candidate for by-election expected to be held in Headlands on 10 June 2015.

It is surprising for Mutasa to come up with such allegations when he knows fully well that ZANU PF has no power to meddle in ZEC affairs. In actual fact Mutasa was in government and ZANU PF for over three decades and knows quite well how ZANU PF operates. So it is surprising for Mutasa to come up with such claims as a way of seeking political sympathy from people. Maybe Mutasa as a former cabinet Minister should explain his crazed statement or else people will just assume it’s the case of sour grapes.

For the record, Didymus Mutasa’s claim that his papers were dismissed by ZEC on the strength that ZEC got orders from ZANU PF to do so, were flatly refuted by ZEC Deputy Chairperson Joyce Kazembe who scoffed at the claims, maintaining that the electoral body had acted lawfully, as provided for in the country’s laws, when it rejected his papers. She further explained that the rejection of Mutasa’s nomination papers, was because Mutasa was not sponsored by the party which he had indicated in the Nomination Court that he was representing, rendering his papers invalid.

In actual fact Mutasa should have filed his papers as an independent candidate because he failed to win his challenge in the Constitutional Court (CC) when he challenged his dismissal from parliament some few days ago. The CC dismissed his challenge with costs rendering his ZANU PF membership null and void so his claim that he was still ZANU PF member was baseless and devoid of any merit.

As such, Mutasa was quite away that he was no longer a member of ZANU PF but he went ahead to file his papers as a member of ZANU PF, maybe a case of wishful thinking on his part. It defies some logic for Mutasa to go on making unnecessary noise when he knew quite well that his papers were not in order. In actual fact Mutasa did that as a way of trying to test the integrity of ZEC in its handling of its affairs and as such he got what he bargained for.

Even the cabal leader, Joyce Mujuru’s statement that there is noone who can dismiss her from ZANU PF is an empty statement meant to confuse the public into believing that the former Vice President is still in ZANU PF. Mujuru must be aware that she was not the first person to be fired from ZANU PF and she will not be the last. So she should accept her fate and move on with her life.

Mujuru should be aware that during her time in ZANU PF she witnessed a lot of people who were fired despite their esteemed positions which they held in the party. She should not forget how former secretary general of ZANU PF Edgar Tekere was fired from the party just because he was against the principles and guidelines running the revolutionary party. Furthermore, Mujuru should not forget that Dr Simba Makoni and a host of others found themselves out of the ZANU PF party because of going against the revolutionary party’s principles.

So the Mujuru cabal should stop making unnecessary noise as they are quite aware that their ZANU PF membership is now history. They must accept the reality that ZANU PF has its members who are looking into the future and are done with the past. For that reason, Rugare Gumbo, the cabal spokesperson, should realize that his statement that they accepted responsibility for some of the actions of ZANU PF which were now hurting the nation and that they were ready to work with all democratic forces for a better Zimbabwe is an empty statement which will not make the public take them seriously.

Rugare Gumbo should realize that his statement is devoid of any meaning at this juncture when everyone knows these are sentiments of a bitter rejected man. In actual fact people are tired of getting such statements from people who seem the Damascus revelation. People would always ask the sincerity of such individuals who realize that they can make a difference when now out of government yet during their time in ZANU PF and government they were enjoying a lot forgetting that they are like fish which cannot survive if out of water.

It is clear now that the Mujuru cabal is desperate for political relevance and their statements here and there point to that reality. In fact such statements were meant to lure people like Morgan Tsvangirai into believing that they can make a formidable pact with ZANU PF’s rejects, a case of the blind following the blind.

As such the country is patiently waiting to see such a doomed coalition. But for those not aware, Zimbabweans are not a gullible lot who can easily be coerced by such shallow shenanigans actions from fading once powerful politicians.

Even the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) realized that Zimbabweans are tired of being taken for a ride when it organised countrywide demonstrations on Saturday 11 April 2015 against government meant to force the government to increase salaries for workers. To the ZCTU’s surprise, some workers responded by staying away from such demonstrations as the workers realized that they were being used by greedy powerful individuals for their political aggrandizements.

For that reasons, the Mujuru and Tsvangirai proposed coalition could also suffer the same fate as that of the ZCTU because the Zimbabweans are no longer prepared to be used by the political malcontent individuals who would be seeking to remain relevant in the political sphere of the country.