Chinamasa Urged To Reduce Wage Bill Than Scrapping Bonuses


Zanu PF youth member and empowerment activist Fidelis Fengu has challenged finance minister and party’s secretary for legal affairs Patrick Chinamasa to reverse the scrapping of bonuses but opt for the reduction of the wage bill by streamlining ministries, computerizing some departments so as to be able to afford bonus payments.

Using his facebook wall Fengu said, “Cde Chinamasa maybe you should reduce the wage bill …… Streamline ministries…… Cut on the red tape…… Computerise some departments ……. And you might be able to afford bonuses and have more sleep at night.”

He also said Chinamasa should consider formalizing the informal sector and create a conducive economic environment for business to grow. “After all the private sector should be the largest employer,” he said. “I remain 100% ZANU PF.”

Prince Isaac Tinashe said, “Our policies needs to be revised in order to lure much needed investments(FDI), that will move a long way in reviving our now dead industries.We were supposed to be taking advantage of our vast resources to turn around the economy,thereby giving us the much need foreign currency.”

Michael Farai Chingwaro said people are working and deserve that bonus. “Imagine your child’s teacher failing to turn up or you are involved in an accident and doctor and nurse not there waiting to get paid,” he said. The social commentators asked as for how long will it take for the problems in Zimbabwe to be solved.

Shalvar Chikomba said, “Our policies are not conducive for any business maybe cde minister need to work a little bit more harder or is it rather not too late as of now government departments are the ones feeding their fiscus, better to motivate the civil servant and the ministry of public works should deal with the issue of ghost workers.”

Emmanuel Sunduza said Well Zimbabweans need to move away from a culture of 100% guaranteed salary, and adopt a performance based salary.

“The issue of the 13th cheaque has almost become an entitlement yet it is supposed to be a thank you for improved production. If u check in Zimbabwean most companies are having to borrow to pay a bonus,” he said.

He said the government must also cut foreign trips which are reportedly gobbling millions of dollars.