Massive Demo Against Xenophobia In Harare

Zimbabweans back home in Harare today launched a massive demonstration against xenophobia perpetrated by South Africans on foreigners in that country.

A media scholar and commentator Pedzisai Ruhanya posted today on his facebook wall that scores of people in Harare have started demonstrating at the South African Embassies in Harare denouncing the attacks of foreigners in SA.

“A massive demonstration at the South African Embassy in Zimbabwe is not a bad idea,” said Ruhanya.

“The xenophobic attacks across the Limpopo River have state and institutional complicit.”

The demonstrations are likely to take place in the whole country’s cities in a bid to denounce the attacks and cause SA people to stop the atrocities.

Even some civilised South Africans in that country are now reportedly protecting the foreigners from the rogue elements who seem to be bloody thirst.

But Zimbabweans in that country are reportedly vowing not to leave and seem to be bracing for a bitter war with locals if the attacks continue.