SA Urged To Do Something Quick About Xenophobic Attacks

The South African government has been challenged to do something quick to save the lives of foreigners living in that country most of them believed to be Zimbabweans who ran away from the country due to crumbling economy and political unrest.

The remarks by Zimbabweans back home come at a time when several foreigners in South Africa have been burnt alive by rogue citizens who are accusing the foreigners of committing more crimes in that country and taking away all their jobs.

A Bulawayo based journalist Innocent Madonko said South Africa should do more to stop xenophobia.

“Situation is spiraling out of control very fast and something drastic needs to do be done to stop those thugs. Africa does not need this. Its appalling!,” he said.

The rampant Xenophobic attacks on foreigners is believed to have been rekindled by King Zwelithini’s remarks who recently said South Africa must drive out of its territories all foreigners.

“Guess the King was just grandstanding and the enormity of the recklessness of his utterances is only now just dawning on him,” said Madonko.

“In his eagerness to please his subjects, he has torched a bigger problem which the SA govt is now struggling to contain it.”

Madonko said meanwhile, there are now calls to ban SA groups from performing in Zimbabwe if they do not denounce xenophobia. Big Nuz and Cassper Nyovest slated for big shows in Bulawayo  beginning this Friday with abafana be Mlazi (scene of worst xenophobic violence).

“Should Bulawayo folks dance the night away to Mampintsha as he rhymes away the verse siphume’ Mlazi when our brothers and sisters are being macheted in Durban townships. Food for thought!,” he asked.

Norman Dzili echoed same sentiments saying Madonko’s remarks were very true.

” And it is disheartening to note that one of the instigators this time round is actually a King; someone to whom lives should be entrusted! The world is not working well if positions of leadership are being bestowed upon such irresponsible and reckless people,” said Dzili.

Another Zimbabwean journalist based abroad, Phathisani Moyo asked who is calling for the ban of SA artists.