Jonathan Moyo Speaks on Baba Jukwa


Information Minister Jonathan Moyo on Monday said people behind the controversial Facebook character Baba Jukwa are promoting terrorism.

The Baba Jukwa page became very popular in the lead-up to the 2013 harmonised elections as it dished out a steady stream of juicy stories on Zanu-PF’s misrule, as well as many of its corrupt leaders.

Moyo said the page borders on criminality.

“It is criminality, it is an attempt to use a faceless character in a manner that shapes our national politics and in a way that you will not have in countries that are suing the social media as part of their everyday life

“A lot of material we have seen posted by that character would not do in countries like the US or UK because they have the means to get to the character.

“The posts are treasonous and a treat to national security. A lot of people who talk about Baba Jukwa are not fully aware of what was contained in the dossier.

“A lot of it crossed the line.

In countries like America if you use social media to promote terrorism in the name of freedom of expression, they will get you…”.

When asked on the facebook page called Professor Jonathan Moyo for president, he said he has never read its contents. .