Zanu-PF Won't Collapse, Says Mnangagwa


Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa says people who think Zanu-PF will collapse are day-dreaming as the party is strong and stable.

Officially launching the campaign programme for the Zanu-PF candidate for Wedza North constituency by-election, David Musabayana, Vice President Mnangagwa said those people who think Zanu-PF will collapse because it has expelled indisciplined cadres are misguided as the revolutionary party is actually gaining in strength.

Mnangagwa also appealed to all registered voters in Wedza North, to go out and vote in their thousands on election day as voter apathy has become a cause for concern.

Zanu-PF National Political Commissar, Savior Kasukuwere said no one will stand in the way of the revolutionary party’s candidate.

Zanu-PF Politburo members: Dr Sydney Sekeramayi and Mike Bimha, traditional leaders led by Chief Musarurwa and Chief Svosve and legislators from the province also attended the rally.

The Wedza North by-election will be held on the 15th of May to replace the late Simon Musanhu who passed away early this year.