'Obert Mpofu is a daylight robber'


PROPERTY developer and Zanu-PF district official Killer Zivhu has called transport minister Obert Mpofu a “daylight robber” who should not be allowed to go scot-free after his Allied Bank recently collapsed leaving him struggling to reimburse depositors.

The Chivi Rural District Council chairperson called on government to bar “thieves from establishing banks for the purposes of plunder”.

Zivhu was addressing journalists in Norton after receiving $2 million worth of earthmoving equipment for his Zimbabwe Amalgamated Housing Association (ZAHA) acquired from local supplier XGMA Zimbabwe that has links to China.

The equipment included graders and tipper trucks normally used in heavy duty construction.

“I must say we are indebted to our members who have stuck with us even in trying times when almost $2 million of our funds went down the drain following the closure of Allied Bank.

“I think our government and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe need to do something about this issue.

“We cannot have indigenisation just for the sake of it. We have people setting up banks just to plunder people’s monies. Now Mpofu is walking scot-free after abusing depositors’ money and wants to pay $500 to institutions and $25 to individuals without regard to how much people are owed.

“It is daylight robbery that should never be allowed,” said Zivhu.

He added: “There are a lot of thieves who are being allowed to open banks just for the fun of fleecing poor ordinary people who are struggling to make ends meet. Had it not been for prudent planning and management ZAHA would not have been where it is today because it is massive for a small organisation like this to lose $1.8 million just like that.”

“The earthmoving equipment was acquired from XGMA Zimbabwe who provided us with favourable terms in a deal worth $2 million. They have delivered half of the equipment and we will receive the other lot in due course.

We would like to assist government in its quest to achieve its goal of descent housing provision and hope we will get more land to develop now that we have the requisite equipment rather than hiring”.

Early this year Allied Bank, in which Mpofu was a major shareholder, surrendered its license to authorities after failing to raise the required capital threshold leaving thousands of depositors stranded.