UYO To Hold a Gowns March On Monday 13th April 2015


The Unemployed Youth Organisation will hold a gowns march on Monday 13th April 2015.

The march will be conducted in Harare Business Centre from 10am to 1pm and participants will meet in the Harare Gardens.

It is against this backdrop that the youth organisation invites all unemployed graduates to join the march in their graduation regalias as a way to push the agenda for the unemployed youth who are caught up in artificial abject poverty.

The reduction of the learned youth to paupers can no longer be condoned. The learning institutions are churning thousands of graduates every year for them to graduate into unemployment.

UYO condemns the government stubbornness, ignorance and incompetency in failing to look after its youths who make the life blood of the nation. As the youth we demand the urgent response from the government shown by urgent creation of jobs for the qualified and unqualified Zimbabwean youths.

The government of Zimbabwe for a long time has become a government of tradition and a tradition of empty promises. The Gowns March is the beginning of another era where the youth declare that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

UYO has put several demands that should be urgent addressed by the government without which we pledge to continue demonstrating and making this employment struggle more militant and radical.

We the Unemployed Youth therefore demand the following .Creating deliberate re-industrialisation policy that address unemployment urgently.

Removing import tax duties on all industrial materials; capital and raw materials. This will facilitate recapitalization process and also lower cost of productions.

Formulating and implementing a credible micro-economic police that attracts foreign direct investment. FDI is required because it injects new capital into the country.

Restoring of investor confidence,especially with regard to the systematic and economical way of policy implementation.

Implementing policies and economic structures that promote beneficiation of products and value addition of out put. (in regards to the Marange diamonds and other precious resources).

Reduce government expenditure and hefty travelling allowances.

Revision of the education curriculum to make it compatible with the needs of the industry.

Stop by-elections that are to be held in an economic strapped country ahead of pay days .Government should stop all retrenchments they are planning since they are retrogressive.

Government should pay all workers their dues.

Government should implement the new constitution especially on socio-economic rights.

strict audits of parastatals and arrest of corrupt officials.