'I would have taken Ian Smith's head,' says Mugabe


President Robert Mugabe has said if he was a dictator he would have “taken the head” of Ian Smith, the Late former Rhodesian leader.

Trying to recapture the old revolutionary fervour of those times, Mugabe spent nearly an hour recounting the history of British colonialism and the unfairness of its rule, leaving only a few minutes to the country’s economic crisis.

He denied accusations of rights abuses and crushing civil liberties of Zimbabweans peddled in the SA press ahead of his visit, the first since 1994.

Mugabe made a brief appearance at the Hector Pieterson Memorial in Soweto on Thursday to conclude his two-day state visit of South Africa.

Mugabe spent an hour in the museum.

Exiting the museum, he was cheered by locals.

As he walked past, a television journalist asked what emotions his return to Soweto evoked.

When Mugabe saw a white person behind her, he pushed the microphone away and reportedly said: “I don’t want to see a white face.”