The UN System is Life Less , says Mugabe


The United Nations should be a united organisation that is
not dominated by a handful of countries, President Robert
Mugabe said on Wednesday.

“The security council (of the UN) is dominated by five countries. Do we keep making presentations that are ignored, making us look like fools?” he said at a media briefing at the Union Buildings.

“The UN system as it now is not functioning. Can’t we get
together and say ‘it is this or you wont have us here.Mugabe and ten of his cabinet ministers arrived in South
Africa on Tuesday on an official visit. He said Africa wanted an inclusive UN. “We want a UN in which there is participation by everyone and recognition of each member country…not the kind of body dominated by five countries.”
He accused the Western countries of destroying some
countries in the world.

“They tore the Arab world apart.
They destroyed Libya and hunted Gaddafi down because
they wanted to get rid of him and some members of his
family…they ensured he is no longer there so that they can
suck the oil in Libya.” The West did the same to former Iraq leader Saddam Hussein, he said. “They did again to the Middle East. It the reckless and brutal approach of the West that has caused a mess in these countries,” he said.