Stunner Staying Put in the US Till June, Musician Learning ‘New Tricks’


Flamboyant rapper, Desmond Chideme, aka Stunner is currently in the United States on Vacation.

The Dhafu korera singer is also using the vacation to learn and catch up with modern music trends. Stunner is based in Miami with long time friend and artiste, Shastro who now lives in the US.

Speaking from his Miami Base, Stunner said: “I am in Miami for the spring break holiday with my guy Shastro. My manager, Dzikamayi felt that we really needed to see top deejays ad meet and see how top artistes handle themselves and how business is done this side.

“So I am basically in Miami to see and learn the musical scene live.

Stunner who will be in the US till June, currently has two upcoming shows on cards and several others booked until November.

He is also expected to perform at an Independence show on April 18 in Cleveland, Ohio and April 19 in Ohio as well.

This coming weekend he is expected also to perform at the Oliver Mtukudzi show in Indianapolis.

Speaking ahead of the shows he said” “Currently we are doing rehearsals for the Cleveland gig with Shastro, it’s been a long time since we last shared the stage.

“I have new songs that he is not familiar with and we need to be in sync, so we are rehearsing really hard for that.”

Meanwhile Stunner is making noise with his new singles Taunganidza Vanhu featurning Ngonie Kambarai and Down to Top.