Vendors Threatens War Over Relocation


The National Vendors’ Union Zimbabwe (Navuz) yesterday dismissed claims by Harare town clerk Tendai Mahachi that its executive had approved plans to move street vendors from the central business district to designated sites by Friday.

In a statement, the association said it was never consulted over the issue and described Mahachi’s claims as “manifestly unfounded”.

“His assertion that the above-mentioned evictions have received blessings from associations that represent vendors is not only manifestly unfounded, but defies all possible logic,” Navuz said.

Mahachi on Monday told journalists in the capital that the planned relocation of vendors had received the blessings of vendors’ association.

Navuz wishes to make it categorically clear that it is the largest organisation that represents vendors’ interests, if not the only objective one, and as such, claims by Dr Tendai Mahachi that association that represent vendors have agreed to such a malicious move are not only false, but also an insult to the largest vendors’ union in the country.

The associations insisted that the “so-called designated vending sites” were only capable of accommodating 6 000 out of over 50 000 vendors operating in the CBD.