Sir Wicknell’s daily headaches!


Businessman Wicknell Chivayo says daily he ‘suffers’ because he is always spoilt for choice.

Posting on social media, the boisterous mogul said, “When I wake up in the morning to pray at 6 I start stressing what am I asking God for today? Is it more multi million dollar deals ? I think to myself No, let me not be selfish the pending ones I have will last my whole generation a life time…is it a wife I tell myself No I love her so much she’s the best thing that ever happened to me but she’ll come in God’s time. Is it more cars I say No I’m run out of parking space at home…More often than not I end up praying for long life and the Lord to increase my ability to give. After praying I get into this dressing room it’s a head ache again with more than 200 pairs of shoes which ones will I wear today then lastly in the parking lot which car am I driving today? Do I feel like the BMW or a BENZ. What colour is matching my clothes is it black or white or silver or do I feel like a Diesel engine or petrol or I want to use hybrid generated energy ??? All this stress all on one person…I have suffered”