No Tears For Zanu PF Rejects


IN ANY shape or form, be it ZANU (Patriotic Front) or ZANU (People First), ZANU PF is simply an organisation beyond redemption and past its use-by date.

Zimbabwe is once again at the mercy of heartless tormentors and vampires who, for all along, have been feeding on the blood of our people but are now presenting themselves as angels through an evil project named Zanu – People First!

Unsatisfied with the damage they have done and the pain they have caused under Mugabe’s command, they now seek to extend our misery using a different platform. These impostors have only one thing in mind and in common – protecting their ill-gotten wealth and retaining power at any cost.

We are not fooled. Who could believe that people such as Didymus Mutasa could suddenly believe that people come first? Which people come first if not their relatives and cronies? These are a pack of wolves whose sole objective is simply to protect their business interests and loot. How can hyenas suddenly gallop towards the sheep shouting ‘sheep firs’?

Where were they when Zanu PF killed thousands during Gukurahundi? Where were they during Murambatsvina, Mavhoterapapi and other atrocities? They never raised a finger in objection. If anything, they were complicit if not active perpetrators. Zimbabweans are not so gullible as to be convinced that it is finally Damascene moment for these persecutors of innocent citizens. A leopard will never change its spots, especially a ZANU PF one.

Are these not the same people who have been going round the country holding what they called victory celebrations; celebrating the massacre of innocent people, destruction of homes, rape and torture? Didn’t we see them wearing Zanu PF regalia like papal robes?

These architects of violence, corruption, and lawlessness have no shame at all. They have looted our resources and now have multiple farms which they are illegally subdividing into residential lots, selling them to poor urban dwellers. Nothing will change under this shameless cabal, nothing! Zimbabweans must reject these failed politicians and turncoats.

Genuine war veterans won’t forget the abandonment and ridicule they suffered from these former comrades. They were abandoned in abject poverty when these imposters were living large. Now that they have been loaded off the gravy train, they want to appeal to the same people for political resuscitation. Our genuine freedom fighters are not stupid. They know what they fought for and they fully understand the real source of our problems. The rejected rebels are equally culpable for everything that has gone wrong.

Not long ago, some of these rejects fiercely defended President Mugabe calling him names like God’s second son, an angel, defender of our sovereignty etc. Mutasa, in his moments of madness, once said that all those who are not happy with Zanu PF can leave Zimbabwe.

If Mutasa believes that people come first, he should visit Christpower Maisiri’s parents in Rusape and explain to them what happened to their son. The rebels should also surrender all their farms, diamonds and all the other loot which they have amassed to the people who they now claim come first. Only then can we probably give them the benefit of the doubt. As former minister of state security, Mutasa has a lot to answer for.

If Mai Mujuru believes that indeed, people come first, she should move around Mt Darwin and explain why ordinary people there remain so poor after suffering so much for freedom. She must tell her kith and kin why many of their sons and daughters were killed and raped during 2008 by a government she was leading. Instead of protesting General Mujuru’s mysterious death, she enjoyed being acting president on numerous occasions even before tears had dried on her chicks. Does madam Joice think Zimbabweans have a short memory?

There are some like Rugare Gumbo who were persecuted by Mugabe but were too quick to beg him to be re-admitted when they saw power and money as better consolation for the inhumane treatment they suffered at the hands of the power hungry mafia.

Zanu PF has replaced our once thriving economy with ZimAsset tents. No country will ever thrive on flea market economy. What Zimbabwe needs is serious investment coupled with modern infrastructure of the 21st century. We need contemporary entrepreneurs, visionary politicians and transformative leaders. In short, a new socio-political and economic narrative.

A discarded Vice Dictator and her hangers on will never be the solution to our national crisis. While we understand the victimisation Joice Mujuru is currently suffering, we haven’t forgotten that she fiercely defended those who were fleecing parastatals through mega salaries.

Yes, Mai Mujuru may be a lesser evil but that does not elevate her to the level of angels. It’s a double shame when some opposition protagonists quickly line up to dine with these rebels who are directly responsible for the suffering of our people. The fight for democracy is quite different from a rush for power and wealth! This is a moment for genuine democrats who will not shed crocodile tears for ZANU PF rejects masquerading as angels.

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