Guardian Angels! Surgeons & Volunteers On Free Cleft Surgical Mission To Harare


Operation of Hope announces their 15th FREE CLEFT SURGICAL mission to Harare, Zimbabwe at the Harare Central Hospital on May 10th, 2015. Operation of Hope, an all-volunteer surgical team, restores the smiles of children who are affected by facial deformities such as cleft lip and palate.

The team of Board certified reconstructive surgeons and 15 other volunteers, support the confidence and social success of children around the world.

“Having an attractive smile is crucial not only for self-esteem but also for the ability to interact effectively in modern society, where smiling is one of the most basic interactions between people,”

says President of Operation of Hope, Jennifer Mora Trubenbach,

“Some of these children don’t have a smile at all. Often they cover their mouths and are hidden from school or church because of this relatively easy to fix problem, being a cleft lip or cleft palate.”

Operation of Hope depends on the philanthropy of private citizens, sponsors and the services of medical volunteers. Although the primary focus of Operation of Hope is on correcting cleft lip, cleft palate, and similar deformities of the face, the charity also draws attention to the lack of access to safe surgery in many parts of the world.

The benefits of undergoing surgery for cleft deformities extend beyond cosmetic improvements and increased social success throughout life and can also include greater likelihood of cleft sufferers surviving past childhood.

Not only are cleft sufferers given the changes they need to have a chance in society, but also they receive these improvements in certified settings from qualified medical professionals regardless of their ability to pay. All surgeries are performed free of charge.

Anyone in Zimbabwe suffering from a cleft condition can come to Harare Central Hospital by 8:30 am on Sunday, May 10th to be examined by a team of doctors.
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