Expel Mugabe and Grace, Retired Army Boss challenges Mujuru


RETIRED Army Major turned politician Kudzai Mbudzi has
urged ousted Vice President Joice Mujuru to take the bull
by the horns and “expel” President Robert Mugabe from
Zanu PF.
In an interview with NewZimbabwe.com weekend, Mbudzi
further described the First Lady, Grace Mugabe as insane
for torching the current Zanu PF chaos.
Mbudzi said it was time the now expelled Zanu PF official
galvanised the massive support she enjoyed among party
cadres and turn the heat on the veteran leader he accused
of turning Zanu PF into a family possession.
“I think Mai Mujuru and her group should now be realistic
enough and say we constitute the majority and also expel
mdhara uyu (Mugabe),” he said.
Mbudzi, together with then Zanu PF politburo member and
now opposition Mavambo leader Simba Makoni and
outspoken academic Ibbo Mandaza, almost attempted the
same 2008 but came unstuck when Zanu PF moved to
threaten any party official seen joining the group.
The Masvingo businessman said Mujuru was the most
popular politician in the country currently.
“… There is no politician currently who is more powerful
than Mujuru and these include the likes of (Morgan)
Tsvangirai, (Tendai) Biti, all of these puppets put together,”
Mbudzi said.
Mujuru, the country’s vice president until December last
year, has been the target of intense vilification by her Zanu
PF rivals, who accuse her of corruption, fanning
factionalism and a coup plot. She denies all the charges.
She was last Thursday expelled from Zanu PF by the
politburo for a slew of charges, among them sponsoring the
infamous Bhora Musango, an anti-Mugabe campaign that
saw party MPs garner more votes than the presidential
President Mugabe and his wife Dr Grace
The period saw the shock breakaway by Makoni from the
party amid fears the former finance minister, touted as
natural successor to Mugabe, was backed by Zanu PF
stalwarts who included the late retired army boss, Solomon
Mujuru, husband to the embattled former VP.
But Mbudzi distanced Joice Mujuru from the 2008 plot.
“She was never involved and knows totally nothing about
it,” he said.
“They never even wanted to entertain us. I remember at
some point l even tried to reach out to people like Dzikamai
Mavhaire and so on and all were not for the idea.”
Mbudzi however said from what was happening in Zanu PF
now, they felt vindicated.
The outspoken politician went on to warn of a fierce
backlash by war veterans if Mugabe persisted with purging
party stalwarts who were opposed to his continued cling on
He said war veterans were fast becoming impatient with
“Macomrades iko zvino they are determined; they are
saying enough is enough. Uyu mudhara taiziva kuti it was
not about the revolution…it was about himself and his own
“It was about the Mugabe dynasty, it was about this
psychotic woman. She took after her own mother who is
also mentally ill.
“Zviya hazviitwe nemunhu kwaye kwaye chaiye chaiye
asirischizophrenic … vanopenga vaya. She is psychotic,
she is schizophrenic.
“How do we participate in an armed struggle which cost us
lives only to come back and say that these people want to
kill my husband.
“How does one want to kill someone who is 90 years of
age? If we ever harboured such intentions we would have
long done that during the war.”