Mugabe's body guards fear another fall


A picture being circulated through the social media showing
President Robert Mugabe’s body guards watching vigilantly
as the nonagenarian steps down the aircraft, suggesting
fears of a second fall.
The picture shows Mugabe’s body guards surrounding the
91-year old as he carefully steps down the airstair with three
of them watching closely suggesting that there are indeed
fears that he could tumble down yet again.
Mugabe recently fell as he stepped down the podium after
addressing his supporters at the Harare International Airport
soon after his arrival from Ethiopia where he had been
elected the chair of the African Union.
Pictures of Mugabe’s fall showed members of the CIO close
security unit and service chiefs watching helplessly as he
tumbled down suggesting that the incident had caught them
Social network activists said the manner in which the body
guards are shown watching over Mugabe suggests that a
riot act may have been read following the famous February