Professor Jonathan Moyo to feature on eTV satire show next week


Zimbabwe’s Information, Media and Broadcasting Services
Minister Prof Jonathan Moyo will appear on eNCA’s Late
Night News satire show next week.
Professor Moyo was interviewed by Chester Missing.
In an instagram post revealing this development, Magamba
Network’s Comrade Fatso said, “Yesterday was one of the
craziest days of my life! We were running around with our
Zambezi News crew hosting the legendary South African
puppet, Chester Missing, who was interviewing Tendai Biti
& Jonathan Moyo!! Biti told Chester that Zanu PF is full of
cartoon characters. Meanwhile Chester asked Moyo for a
farm! And we did Moyo’s interview at Munhumutapa
buildings – in the belly of the beast!”
The Zimbabwe Special episode is set to air on Late Nite
News next Wednesday 8th April at 9pm on eNCA News
channel, DSTV.
Featuring an exclusive Zambezi News report by Jerome,
Mandape and Kudzaishe as well as Chester’s crazy
interviews. Forward with satire, comrades!
Imagine Prof Moyo being interviewed by Chester.
Wondering what he will be asked because you know
Chester does not pull any punches. .