Brythreesixty Talks About Konzeresa


It’s always a controversial topic in the music industry when gospel musicians decide to set themselves apart from the “stereotypes”. I personally can say that I have my reservations on braggadocio raps when it comes to Christian Rap but I sought to find out the meaning of Brythreesixty’s music according to Brythreesixty himself.

The award winning Christian Rapper created a song entitled Konzeresa by Courtney Antipas and KeeyB. According to Bry’ this is a self motivational track that his voice will be heard out there.

“I will be declaring that now it’s time I get noticed and now causing confusion, people asking who is this guy and waking up people who were sleeping on me. The Biblical connection is the person who I represent will be known more than me the time yandinenge ndichikonzeresa and he sent me out in the world to represent him with all my talents and gifts to glorify him.” – Brythreesixty

So in essence he is saying that he want’s to konzeresa (which sort of means to cause waves) so that God is glorified when he does so.

The song has managed to have a lotof downloads. Reaching 1,500 in it’s first three days which may seem little to developed countries but in Zimbabwe it is a blessing to be able to push such numbers. This is before inclusion of Whatsapp distribution which possibly is more viral. The artistes strongest fan base according to him is the Zimbabwean and South African market with a few Zimbabweans in the UK starting to take notice.

At the time of the interview Bry had done over 7 shows in 2015 alone before end of first quarter at New Life, Christian Hip-hopAwards and Nyatsime College.

If you like Christian Rap from Zimbabwe please download Brythreesixty via this link.