Man Urinates Blood After Police Attack Over Girl


A GWANDA villager is urinating blood following an all-night torture by a police officer over a woman.

Thuthukani Ncube of Gqalaza village in Mtshabezi area had to be admitted to Gwanda General Hospital following the savage attack, which has seen him being unable to go to work.

The police officer, only identified as Constable T Moyo of Simbumbumbu Police Base, is set to appear at a Gwanda magistrate court soon, after Ncube instituted criminal charges against him.

“I have not been going to work, because as a miner you are not allowed to work when you are urinating blood.

“We had a silly argument with the police officer, but what I know is that he has a grudge against me because I am in love with a woman he has been proposing to.”
According to Ncube’s medical record, he sustained bruises on both thighs and on the hand, reddish whip marks on the back, a back ache and a red swollen eye.

Ncube said he boarded a kombi from Gwanda to his home area last week and they picked Moyo along the way.

Ncube said they were arguing in the kombi with other passengers on the issue of licences and the police officer joined in the debate.

They then exchanged harsh words with Moyo and when they got to Simbumbumbu he was told he was under arrest and the driver of the kombi was ordered to drive to the police base.

Ncube said his legs and hands were cuffed to a table at the police base before Moyo took a whip which he used to assault him.

“He assaulted me several times with a whip, fists and booted feet until I lost consciousness,” Ncube, who was released the following morning without any charge, said.