Prophet Uebert Angel Not Guilty! Judge Rules He Has No Case To Answer


SPIRIT Embassy founder Uebert Angel, who has been accused of fraud involving a Bentley vehicle reported to be worth US$300,000 in the last couple of months, has no case to answer.

This was said Wednesday by Harare magistrate Noel Mupeiwa while passing judgment against Anderson Tagara who initially appeared before the courts on charges of fraud and accessory to fraud.

The court was ruling on a case brought by Ndabazinengi Shava who claims that Togara and Uebert Angel connived to con him out of his Bentley.

Shava insists that he was conned into handing over the vehicle as a “seed” on the promise that he would reap a three-fold harvest. He then demanded of the vehicle after the promised “harvest” failed to materialise but the car was never returned.

An arrest warrant has since been issued against Angel after he failed to appear in court to answer the fraud charge.

But magistrate Mupeiwa said that the State was supposed to prove that the statement which was made by Prophet Angel was a statement of fact when Ndabazinengi Shava seeded his Bentley after being promised some threefold returns.

The court said the elements of fraud on Prophet Angel’s part was missed since he only breached the trust of keeping custody of the car until the returns on the seed car were realised.

“The important elements of fraud are missed and there Angel cannot be convicted of fraud,” he said. “There is no formula to prove religion” said Magistrate Mupeiwa in his judgment.

The magistrate went on to give a “sermon” as he passed judgement in the Shava vs Tagara case.

“A statement made to the future is a promise and is not sufficient to a statement of fact. The State should prove that Prophet Angel knew what he was doing when he made the statement.”

The magistrate went on to say that, “in this case complaint is a believer who knows that blessings come from God and should not expect them to come from individuals.

“He should not have expected blessings from Prophet Angel but from God. He only acted as an intercessor.

“The ultimate decision to bless comes from God, Allah or ancestors if you are a traditionalist but in circumstances that no ordinary man or prophet can bring blessings.”

“No one or among several so-called prophets has power to bless but can plead for blessings on behalf of individuals.

“The blessings from God do not depend on whether you have seeded or pay tithe. Sinners should not expect to be blessed by God because they had seeded or paid tithe.”

Tagara was fined US$4000 after being found guilty of being an accessory to theft of trust property charge.